Choosing the right tool

Via Lambda the Ultimate I’ve been aware of a survey that David MacIver is running about programming languages. The interesting thing here is the way the survey is presented. You are asked to select a set of languages you know, and then you are presented a set of questions for which you have to order the languages you chose previously.

There are a lot of questions, but don’t worry, you can skip those that don’t make sense to you and you can stop whenever you want. However, I encourage you to fill the whole survey so as to get a feeling of what the developers community think of widely available languages.

Some interesting results are shown in this comment to the post in LtU, here are some others I have shown when I finished the survey (do the survey first if you are planning to do so, before continuing reading to avoid biasing the results):

VB stands high in “The thought that I may still be using this language in twenty years time fills me with dread” question and also in “I am reluctant to admit to knowing this language”. Surprisingly, php is second on this last category, being a so common language for web applications. Delphi ranks third.

Java ranks high on “There are many good tools for this language” and “Third-party libraries are readily available, well-documented, and of high quality”.

In question “This language is likely to be around for a very long time”, the four high ranked are C, C++, assembler, and Java.



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