It’s nice to be at home

sidelab is now part of Planet Eclipse, so time for presenting and saying something about us…

Micael Gallego and Francisco Gortázar are the two people behind this blog. We’ve been working for the last five years with Java, Eclipse and whatever technology that’s worth the effort, sometimes side by side, others not, but always having interesting talks about software, IDEs and development. So, why not share all the leasons learnt, and all the software developed, under a common umbrella? This is sidelab.

When it comes to Eclipse-related interests some things come to my mind. Let’s remember some of them just to give an overview of who we are…

I remember the LDT days, when IDEs were going multi-language, and people was trying to factor out what all these language had in common in a single framework. We spent hours reading the news from the LDT project. Grammarware has always been one of our interests.

It was also nice when the people at CDT refactored the project allowing others to benefit from their framework to implement their tools. This is how Pascaline could be developed.

In the early days of Eclipse, I recall developing a design pattern detector implemented on top of ASTView. Recently, I’ve tried ASTView just to make sure it is still there.

More recently, we’ve been giving a seminar on Mylyn, and another one on JNA/JNI in Eclipse. And some students are developing plug-ins such as veex, gcj4e, and jmh4e.

And last, but not least, Eclipse allows you to do things like EclipseGavab, the Eclipse distribution we’ve been using to teach programming: JDT, CDT, EclipseFP, Subversive, ECF, Pascaline, PFCDT, lots of plug-ins doing their best to ease students learn several paradigms, languages and tools. Eclipse has been used for almost 4 years as the unified IDE in Computer Science…

Great job by great people, let’s see if we can put our two cents in for the community.



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